Defending Media Integrity in the Americas

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Journalists throughout the region must not only navigate rising disinformation, misinformation, and political polarization, but also threats to their own physical safety as the hemisphere continues to rank as one of the deadliest regions for journalist protections. To fortify the free and independent press throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, the Organization of American States recently announced the establishment of the Center for Media Integrity of the Americas, a hub for best practices and support for journalists throughout the region.

In this episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with Ambassador John Feeley, former U.S. Ambassador to Panama and the inaugural Executive Director of the Center for Media Integrity of the Americas. Together, the discuss the Center's emergent role and efforts to uplift journalistic integrity amid a shifting media landscape. They also discuss the persistence of threats to journalists' safety, and the increased role of social media in shaping informational environments.