Illegal Mining and Transnational Crime in the Amazon

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Mining is an essential economic sector for many countries in the Andes-Amazon region. However, due to a spike in global demand for mineral resources and lack of proper regulation on the industry, transnational criminal organizations have taken advantage of the ​lucrative industry to fuel their operations in the region, while harming local communities and ecosystems.

In this episode Ryan C. Berg sits down with Gastón Schulmeister, Director of the Department Against Transnational Organized Crime at the Organization of American States. Together, they explore the rise in global demand for mineral resources, the connection between illegal mining and transnational criminal organizations, and regulations that governments and the international community can enact to limit this harmful activity. Gastón also shares insights from a series of reports recently published by his department at the OAS entitled "On The Trail of Illicit Gold Proceeds: Strengthening The Fight Against Illegal Mining Finances."