Much Ado About Non-Alignment

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Rising geopolitical tensions between the United States, Russia, and China, have prompted some to argue the world is heading towards a polarized and fragmented future, with some countries split into opposing camps between democracies and autocracies and others not wanting to choose sides. In Latin America, rising U.S.-China competition has provoked fears that the region may be forced to choose between the economic development and trade which China offers, and its longstanding relationship with the United States. In response, a new strategy, known as Active Non-Alignment, has been proposed for the region. 

In this episode, Christopher Hernandez-Roy sits down with Ambassador Jorge Heine, one of the most prominent luminaries on the theory of active non-alignment and is also the co-editor of a new influential book Latin American Foreign Policies in the New World Order: The Active Non-Alignment Option. Together, they discuss the theory and various perspectives on Active Non-Alignment, its application by countries in the region as a response to Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the future of the strategy for a world marked by U.S.-China competition.