One Year Later, Latin America Continues to Hedge its Bets on Ukraine

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More than one year after Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, Latin America and the Caribbean has been impacted in a number of ways. Demand for oil has prompted the United States to pursue an opening to Venezuela, empowering the authoritarian Maduro regime even as Washington denounces extra-hemispheric dictators. Meanwhile, disruptions to energy and fertilizer supplies more broadly have stalled economic recovery in a region already struggling to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In this episode, Ryan C. Berg and Christopher Hernandez-Roy sit down to unpack a recent CSIS Americas commentary on Latin America's response to the war in Ukraine and reflect on developments in the hemisphere at about the one-year mark of the conflict. Together, they outline the economic, political, and diplomatic pressures the conflict has placed on governments throughout the region. They also delve into the tendency of many countries to hedge against offering support to Ukraine and the troubling implications this holds as the war enters into its second year.