Turning Up the Heat on Geothermal Energy in Latin America

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With a rich network of volcanoes on the Ring of Fire, Latin America is uniquely positioned to benefit from developing geothermal energy within their countries. However, because geothermal energy is not found at the surface level of the earth, exploration costs, which translate to market price, are very high, and at the moment limit the potential for Latin America to draw out its full geothermal potential.

In this episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with Ximena Guardia Muguruza, an Environmental Engineer and expert on geothermal energy currently studying at the University of Rekjavik. Together, they discuss the landscape of geothermal energy projects in Latin America, with a close focus on Peru, where the industry remains in its very early stages. They also unpack the key benefits offered by geothermal power sources, and outline what determinants of success will look like for tapping the full potential of geothermal in Peru, and throughout the hemisphere.