What is the Future of Sanctions on Venezuela?

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After four years of a so-called “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign against Venezuela, there seems to be a push from Washington to revisit this sanctions architecture. Sanctions relief has long been a priority for the Maduro regime, which also ascribes blame for all manner of Venezuela’s economic woes on the U.S.-led sanctions campaign. However, the United States should be highly skeptical about pledges from the regime without concrete signs of improvement, and must be able to credibly threaten that these measures will snap back in the case of worsening conditions. 

In this episode, Christopher Hernandez-Roy sits down with Carrie Filipetti, Executive Director of the Vandenberg Coalition, and former Deputy Special Representative for Venezuela at the U.S. Department of State. Together, they discuss into the state of U.S. sanctions today against the Maduro regime, the role these will play in the leadup to planned presidential elections, and what can be done to further pressure the regime to make meaningful concessions at the negotiating table.