Into the Africa Land Forces Summit

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Since 2018, senior leaders from land forces across Africa, the United States, and other partner nations have met to strengthen their relationships, exchange information, and encourage cooperation at the Africa Land Forces Summit (ALFS). This marked the 5th anniversary of the summit, which was hosted in Livingstone, Zambia with the theme “Regional Solutions to Transnational Problems”. 25 different countries were represented in the summit- a growth from the initial 9 that attended the first summit in Nigeria in 2018.

Mvemba is joined by Command Sergeant Major Reese Teakell, US Army Southern European Task Force, and Command Sergeant Major Jeremiah E. Inman, US Army Europe and Africa, to discuss the highlights and achievements of the partnerships between African and partner nations in security training. They delve into the education programs for non-commissioned officers and the importance of leadership development.