Beyond Strongly-Worded Statements

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How do we go beyond rhetoric that rarely translates into concrete and strategic action? In our 10th episode in partnership with African Arguments, Judd Devermont is joined by Deborah Malac (former U.S. Ambassador to Uganda), Maria Burnett (CSIS), and Michael Mutyaba (African Arguments contributor) to discuss recommendations for foreign partners and donors in holding autocratic regimes accountable—beyond strongly-worded statements. Guests also delve into Uganda’s repressive elections and the deteriorating humanitarian conditions displacing millions in Ethiopia. 

Background Readings: 

Uganda: How donors can go beyond “strongly-worded statements” – Michael Mutyaba (African Arguments) 
Repression as Voters Weigh Museveni’s 34 Years – Maria Burnett 
The Battle of Mekelle and Its Implications for Ethiopia – Judd Devermont