How to Speak about Africa

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Youth, technology, and creativity are nurtured and bloom in Africa. These experiences are often diminished in Western media, skewing the understanding of the pace and dynamism of the continent. The youth leverage technology for entrepreneurship, cultural mobilization, political activism, and as a means to share their passions through art. The Roger Muntu Show bridges the gap between Western perspectives and the lived realities of Africans. With an enthusiasm for presenting authentic African stories, Roger Muntu engages Africans across the globe with stories that truly resonate with them. The show bridges connections between politicians, artists, activists, diaspora, and common people to allow for a greater understanding of each other's goals and experiences. Technology is at the forefront of The RM Show’s popularity. 

Join Mvemba and Roger Muntu, International Broadcast Journalist at Voice of America, as they discuss what it means to be an African journalist. From anecdotes of his experience as a journalist to the impact of his work, Muntu shares why he is passionate about representing Africa authentically.