Presidential Offspring

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Several African leaders are setting the stage to hand over power to their sons. Judd Devermont is joined by Brett Carter (University of Southern California), Regina Sondo (Journalist), and Paul Melly (Africa Program at Chatham House) to discuss the implications of familial succession across sub-Saharan African. Guests also cover Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso's latest contested election win and the worsening Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

Background Readings: 

Biden’s Diplomats Should Boycott Discredited African Elections - Judd Devermont and Idayat Hassan
Africa's Political Dynasties: How Presidents Groom Their Sons for Power - Paul Melly
Cameroon’s Democratic Repositioning: Is the Republic Now a De Facto Monarchy? - Regina Sondo
Congo: Sassou Nguesso Wins Another Term but Still Faces Two Big Threats. - Brett Carter