The Price of Peacekeeping

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America spends more money on Halloween candy than on UN peacekeeping operations each year. What is the true value of these missions and how much in financial contributions are required to earn a seat at the table? Judd Devermont sits down with Paul-Simon Handy (Institute for Security Studies), Kate Almquist Knopf (Africa Center for Strategic Studies), and Chandrima Das (Better World Campaign) to discuss the state of peacekeeping in Africa. Guests also explore democracy and protests in Senegal and the UN’s decision to close its peacekeeping mission in Darfur.

Background Reading:

Walking a Tightrope: The Transition from UNAMID to UNITAMS in Sudan - Daniel Forti (International Peace Institute - IPI)
Five reasons why America needs to pay its peacekeeping bill - Hardin Lang and Victoria Holt