The State of Eight: Challenges Facing the East Africa Community

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Since 2022, the East Africa Community (EAC) has expanded to include two new partner states, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Somalia, bringing its membership up to eight partner states. Each nation admitted to the bloc brings its own set of challenges but also expands the opportunities and avenues for cooperation in the region. The EAC has been strong in providing economic opportunities to its partner states and the inclusion of DRC and Somalia prospects to acquire greater markets for the trading states and allow the two nations to grow. On the other hand, the EAC grapples with political integration problems as mistrust and tension exist across the borders of member states, weaving a complex web of alliances and political clashes.

Beverly Ochieng, CSIS Senior Associate (Non-Resident), and Pascal Kambale, Human Rights Lawyer, join Mvemba to untangle the issues and opportunities faced by the EAC. As the EAC faces a transition period with its new member states, how can it solidify its leadership and ensure that each partner is held to account?