Understanding the DRC’s Governance Structure

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Whenever the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) makes the headlines, it appears that the challenges the nation is facing are only multiplying. From the escalating conflict in Eastern DRC to what is being called an attempted coup in Kinshasa the question remains: how will the largest sub-Saharan African nation overcome its complex challenges? Governance. Analysts point to weak and uninspired governance as one of the challenges that perpetuate instability in Africa. In May, six months after his election, President Felix Tshisekedi announced the newly appointed government of the DRC.  This government faces the daunting task of confronting the array of conflicts and instability in the country.

Fred Bauma, Senior Fellow and Executive Secretary of Ebuteli, joins Mvemba to discuss the reasons this government took so long to form, the state of governance in DRC, and the expectations of Tshisekedi’s second term in office.