Utah National Guard’s 20-year Partnership with Moroccan Royal Armed Forces

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Mvemba is joined by Major General Michael J. Turley, the Adjutant General of the Utah National Guard. Turley discusses the contribution of the Utah National Guard to the execution of United States foreign security assistance at a much-reduced cost and reduced time expenditure, and the participation of the Guard in African Lion, the largest US military exercise in Africa. He further describes the importance of the Utah National Guard’s 20-year partnership with the Kingdom of Morocco, and how national guards’ units help build strong civil societies to support Africa’s transition from its colonial past and neocolonialism to democratic societies. They delve into the different components of training support the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces have received from the Utah National Guard, including humanitarian mine assistance, special forces capability training, the US Department of Defense’s military sales process, and civil emergency service training. Turley identifies language and religious barriers as the most significant challenges the Utah National Guard has faced in longstanding partnership with the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces and highlights traditional strong family values as a bridge between the two partners.