The Wagner Group: The Kremlin’s Indispensable Hand in Africa

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Mvemba is joined by CSIS’s Catrina Doxsee, Associate Director and Associate Fellow with the Transnational Threats Project, and ICG’s Delaney Simon, Senior Analyst with the U.S. Program to discuss the Wagner Group’s African operations. They highlight the quasi-independent Russian paramilitary group’s atrocious activities and how they have caused social, humanitarian, and economic harm in Africa. Contrary to the widely held belief that the group is all over Africa, the discussants indicate it is active in Mali, Libya, Sudan, and Central African Republic. They illustrate how the private military company’s operations in those African countries have left a trail of instability, allowing Russia to expand its military footprint in Africa without accountability. They argue that it is a mistake for the United States to designate the Wagner Group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) because the designation would trigger far-reaching and counterproductive reactions that would adversely affect critical facets of U.S. engagement in Africa.   

Catrina Doxsee
Fellow, Warfare, Irregular Threats, and Terrorism Program