Trading Places: America, Japan and Regional Trade on the Chessboard

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This week Mike is joined by Mireya Solis, director of the Center for East Asia Policy Studies, Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies, and a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program at Brookings, to discuss the regional trade architecture of the Asia-Pacific. The two start off by analyzing the geopolitical significance of RCEP and CPTPP, and what the lack of U.S. participation in both trade agreements means for U.S. trade strategy under the Biden Administration. Mireya also dives deeper into Japan’s economic strategy in Asia, and argues that Japanese leadership in the region is likely to continue given its status as the third largest economy in the world, its role as a rule-maker in the region, and its ability to fill the U.S. vacuum. How have the Asia-Pacific countries stitched the region together over the past few years, and what can the U.S. do to improve its credibility in the region?

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