Ayham Kamel: The Gulf's Regional Diplomacy

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This week on Babel, Jon Alterman speaks with Ayham Kamel of the Eurasia Group. They talk about the current diplomatic landscape in the Gulf, how Gulf leaders perceive their security interests, their views on the U.S. staying in power in the region, and how they are responding to the U.S. retrenchment from the Middle East. Then, Jon continues the conversation with Will Todman and Danny Sharp, discussing how Gulf countries are finding opportunities in a reduced U.S. presence and how they are pursuing their own interests. 

• Transcript, "The Gulf's Regional Diplomacy," CSIS, April 18, 2023.

Jon B. Alterman
Senior Vice President, Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy, and Director, Middle East Program
Will Todman
Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Middle East Program
Daniel Sharp
Adjunct Fellow (Non-resident), Middle East Program