Alt-Facts and Journalism That Holds: NPR’s Editorial Director Michael Oreskes

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NPR’s top man in charge of news Michael Oreskes joined us for a fascinating discussion about “alternative facts,” covering the Trump presidency, and what it takes to produce solid journalism in a post-truth environment. We also discussed the innovations at NPR and its strategies to engage its audience.

"The scarcest resource in journalism right now is attention span," Oreskes says. "We used to live in a world of journalism governed by the laws of physics. Time and space were our key constraints: space in a newspaper, time on the air. The really controlling force in the world right now is how long you can keep your audience, your followers, consuming the journalism you're creating. They have just so many other places to go, so many things pulling on them and so many demands on their time that our goal is to create journalism that holds them.” Download transcript here.
Bob Schieffer
Former Moderator, Face the Nation, CBS; and Former CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent