China’s Growing Automotive Industry: A Conversation with Ilaria Mazzocco

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In this episode of the ChinaPower Podcast, we are joined by Ilaria Mazzocco to discuss China’s booming automotive industry. Ilaria explains that the Chinese government’s support for the industry plays a big role in its rapid developments. She also unpacks the growing popularity of Chinese-manufactured vehicles and Chinese car brands. Finally, Ilaria highlights the need for the United States and the European Commission to provide incentives for their companies to be more innovative to compete with the Chinese auto industry.

Dr. Ilaria Mazzocco is a senior fellow with the Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics at CSIS. Prior to joining CSIS, she was a senior research associate at the Paulson Institute, where she led research on Chinese climate and energy policy for Macropolo, the institute’s think tank. She holds a PhD from the John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), where her dissertation investigated Chinese industrial policy by focusing on electric vehicle promotion efforts and the role of local governments.

Bonny Lin
Director, China Power Project and Senior Fellow, Asian Security
Senior Fellow, Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics