Friction in China-Czech Relations: A Conversation with Richard Turcsányi

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By: Bonnie S. Glaser

This episode explores the key challenges and opportunities in the China-Czech bilateral relationship. Our guest, Dr. Richard Turcsányi, describes the impact of the recent cancellation of the sister city agreement between Prague and Beijing as well as divergent views on China within the Czech government. He also addresses the economic and cultural factors that impact public opinion on China in the Czech Republic, and assesses the drivers of Chinese investment in the country.

Dr. Richard Turcsányi is a Key Researcher at Palacky University and Assistant Professor at Mendel University, both in the Czech Republic. Dr. Turcsányi is also a Program Director at the Central European Institute of Asian Studies, an independent think tank with branches in Bratislava, Olomouc, and Vienna. In his academic research, he focuses on Chinese foreign policy and China’s relations with Central and Eastern Europe.