Growing Friction in US-China Relations: A Conversation with Da Wei

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Photo: Bonnie S. Glaser

This episode dissects current dynamics between the US and China, addressing the reasons for increased friction and competition in the bilateral relationship. Our guest, Professor Da Wei, joins us to discuss how both countries view the relationship today and how these perspectives have changed as the US-China power gap has narrowed. He also analyzes the nuances in terminology used to describe China and its relationship with the US, and forecasts the likely future direction of US-China relations.

Dr. Da Wei is Assistant President as well as a professor at the University of International Relations in Beijing. He also serves as the director of the University’s Center for International Strategy and Security Studies. Previously, Da Wei was director of the Institute of American Studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR). His research fields include US-China relations, American and Chinese foreign policy, and security policies.