Taiwan's Close Watch on Hong Kong Protests: A Conversation with Jude Blanchette and Bonnie Glaser

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By: Bonnie S. Glaser

This episode of the ChinaPower Podcast is a crossover episode with “Hong Kong on the Brink,” hosted by Jude Blanchette. Mr. Blanchette interviews Bonnie Glaser about the protests in Hong Kong and their impact on Taiwan’s own relations with mainland China. Ms. Glaser explains how the continued unrest might affect Taiwan’s upcoming January 2020 presidential election. She also expands on how views in Taiwan have evolved since the November 2018 local elections and the start of the Hong Kong protests in summer 2019. Ms. Glaser then evaluates the potential for rethinking cross-Strait policy if “one country, two systems” appears to have failed in Hong Kong.

Jude Blanchette holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at CSIS, and is also a senior advisor at Crumpton Group, a geopolitical risk advisory based in Arlington, Virginia. Mr. Blanchette serves on the board of the American Mandarin Society and is a public intellectual fellow at the National Committee on United States-China relations.