Japan-South Korea Security Ties

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In this episode we tackle Japan-South Korea collaboration on security issues. To gain insight on the complicated nature of Japan-South Korea security ties, we sat down with Dr. Junya Nishino, a 2017 CSIS Strategic Japan Fellow. Dr. Nishino discusses the evolution of Japan-ROK security collaboration since the Cold War and the opportunities as well as challenges for future cooperation. You’ll also hear from Lisa Collins, a fellow with the CSIS Korea Chair. Lisa explains the divergences between Tokyo and Seoul in their strategic approach to Beijing and discusses the impact the Moon Jae-in administration may have on South Korea’s approach to Japan.

Hosted by Will Colson. Audio edited by Liz Mayes. Written and produced by Jeffrey Bean.

Read Dr. Nishino's 2017 Strategic Japan working paper here.
Lisa Collins

Lisa Collins

Fellow, Korea Chair