Dr. Eric Goosby: The M72 vaccine could be a breakthrough. “It is a moment.”

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Dr. Eric Goosby walks us through the Lancet Commission report on tuberculosis—which he chaired—that was issued immediately prior to the September 22 UN High Level Meeting on TB. The environment for progress remains very tough—shortfalls in political will, prioritization, finances, and investment by industry. But there are recent, promising gains in diagnostics and therapies. And a promising vaccine, M72, is now in advanced trials. That could be a breakthrough in the future. GSK, in partnership with Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, are investing $550m in fields trials across Africa and Southeast Asia. What was the significance of the High-Level Meeting? It generated a detailed agenda to which national governments should be held to account. Eric closes with personal reflections on the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein.