Dr. Joseph Majkut, Director, CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change: COP28 is “a punctuation mark.”

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Joseph Majkut, Director of the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program, unpacks the big picture of COP28 (Dubai, Nov. 30-Dec 13, 2023), both the formal negotiations and the “trade show.” Is the commitment to “transition away” from fossil fuels a truly pivotal moment? What’s the significance of the launch of the "Loss and Damage Fund" especially with regard to tensions between the North and the South? What to make of the day dedicated to health and climate? How to assess UAE leadership? Ultimately, Dubai is not likely to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Paris and Kyoto. It’s more of a “punctuation mark.” Give a listen!

Joseph Majkut
Director, Energy Security and Climate Change Program