Dr. Scott Dowell, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: “I am optimistic.”

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Dr. Scott Dowell, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, unpacks the foundation’s $2 billion in investments during the three-year acute phase of the pandemic. Some of the most impactful were in surveillance and modeling. The Seattle Flu Study, which predated the pandemic, was fortuitous in what it taught us. Bill Gates’ 2022 book, How to Prevent a Pandemic, introduced the concept of ‘the GERM team’ which has now evolved into the Global Health Emergency Corps, led by the World Health Organization. What are the GHEC’s component elements, and how will it be launched? The foundation continues to engage intensely with the Chinese: what is to be gained? What lessons have emerged from China’s experience? Current foundation R&D priorities include scaled diagnostics, early start of broad spectrum anti-virals, and vaccines in 100 days. On surveillance, priorities are sequencing and wastewater testing. End of the day, “I am optimistic.”