Dr. Chris Murray, IHME On Moving Forward Amid Uncertainty and Complacency

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On this 146th episode, Dr. Chris Murray, IHME, delivers several sharp messages. Tracking Covid is increasingly difficult, a function of both underreporting of cases and overreporting of incidental hospital admissions. Studies are emerging which suggest that protection against severe ill and death may be waning after 20 weeks. Without far better data on hospital admissions, however, we are “flying blind.” Essential “big” investments in next-generation vaccines that block infections and address multiple variants are expensive. Without ample funding, we will “muddle through.” The case for Paxlovid as a lead global tool is strong, but production is expensive. Is Monkeypox “a really scary thing? No!” China clings to Zero-Covid for more than health reasons. That choice is “part of a broader geopolitical strategy.” Hope rests on strong and vibrant scientific cooperation, amid multiple crises.