The New Barbarianism – A CSIS Original Documentary Film

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Healthcare and humanitarian workers are increasingly in the crosshairs as hospitals and aid centers have become part of the battlefield in today’s wars. So far, there has been little to stop the profound surge of violence seen across several open-ended conflicts which has claimed thousands of lives, destroyed health systems, triggered mass displacement and state collapse, and exposed the crisis facing the norms of international humanitarian law contained in the Geneva Conventions. The New Barbarianism is a CSIS Global Health Policy Center original feature documentary (58 minutes) that examines the crisis, its causes, the limited international response and possible ways forward through over 30 on-camera interviews and original footage obtained from inside Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Steve Morrison, Justin Kenny, and Paul Franz discuss the process of developing the documentary. Justin Kenny is the Owner of Small Footprint Films, a news and documentary production company. He is an occasional contributor to the PBS NewsHour. From 2012-2015, he was the NewsHour's foreign editor. Paul Franz is Andreas C. Dracopoulos Chair in Creativity and Innovation at CSIS. He is a former Pulitzer Center fellow and TIME video journalist. The full documentary can be viewed at: Hosted by Steve Morrison. Produced by Cathryn Streifel. Edited by Ribka Gemilangsari.
Paul Franz
Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Ideas Lab