Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change

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This week Dr. Friederike Otto with the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College London joins Dr. Joseph Majkut (CSIS) to discuss climate change attribution, which measures how climate change directly affects extreme weather events, like heat waves, floods, or droughts.

Dr. Friederike (Fredi) Otto is a Senior Lecturer in Climate Science at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment at Imperial College. Her main research interest is on extreme weather events such as droughts, heat waves, and storms, and understanding whether and to what extent these are made more likely or intense due to climate change - known by experts as 'climate change attribution'.

Fredi is the co-lead of World Weather Attribution (WWA), an international effort to analyze and communicate the possible influence of climate change on extreme weather events. Through rapid attribution studies, which provide timely scientific evidence showing the extent to which climate change influenced a given event, WWA has helped to change the global conversation around climate change, influencing adaptation strategies and paving the way for new sustainability litigation.

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Joseph Majkut
Director, Energy Security and Climate Change Program