CSIS Pandemic Planet

Pandemic Planet

Pandemic Planet is the new podcast from the CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security. Pandemic Planet delves deeply into the global health security challenges facing the world. Through candid interviews with diverse global experts and leaders, Pandemic Planet will help you understand the stark geopolitical, economic, security and societal challenges we face, including the imperative for renewed and high-level U.S. international leadership. We explore bold new ideas and technological options for improving health security for the United States – and the rest of the planet. Pandemic Planet is co-hosted by J. Stephen Morrison, director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center and Katherine E. Bliss, senior fellow with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center. Our other highly successful podcast series, Coronavirus Crisis Update, will continue, with a focus on what is happening in America.

Pandemic Planet is produced by Cera Baker.

Podcast Series by J. Stephen Morrison and Katherine E. Bliss

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