Reassessing Global Food Security Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War with Joseph Glauber and David Laborde

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Senior Research Fellows at the International Food Policy Research Institute, Joseph Glauber and David Laborde, join GFSP director Caitlin Welsh to discuss the Russia-Ukraine War’s impact on global agricultural markets, food prices, and food security. Mr. Glauber, also a Senior Adviser (Non-resident) with the CSIS Global Food Security Program, and Mr. Laborde kick off the episode by explaining how the war exacerbated pre-existing climatic pressures on food prices and debate applicability of the term “food shortage” to describe the current global food crisis. Our guests then consider the future of food prices and global grain supplies as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to limit the export of agricultural commodities from the Black Sea. 
Caitlin Welsh
Director, Global Food and Water Security Program