Rethinking Technology’s Role in Food Systems with Danielle Nierenberg

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Danielle Nierenberg, president and co-founder of Food Tank, joins GFSP senior associate Kimberly Flowers this episode to examine the role of technology in food systems. The conversation explores how innovation in technology could address climate change and respond to inequity challenges in our global food and agriculture systems. To that end, Ms. Nierenberg stresses the importance of including farmers in the development of such technology so innovations that seek to improve agricultural practices amid climate change also continue to meet the needs of farmers. Ms. Flowers and Ms. Nierenberg also discuss the ways in which Food Tank highlights stories of hope and success in food and agriculture systems. In doing so, Food Tank hopes to advocate for ambitious changes to food systems domestically and globally.
Kimberly Flowers
Senior Associate (Non-resident), Humanitarian Agenda and Global Food and Water Security Program