Revisiting the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Response to the Russia-Ukraine War with Beth Bechdol and Rein Paulsen

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Beth Bechdol, Deputy Director-General of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and Rein Paulson, Director of the UN FAO Office of Emergencies and Resilience, join CSIS GFSP Director Caitlin Welsh and Humanitarian Agenda Director Jacob Kurtzer to discuss how the FAO’s response to the Russia-Ukraine War has evolved since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. Ms. Bechdol explains the FAO’s coordination with Ukraine’s government and local partners to ensure agricultural livelihood support. Later, Mr. Paulsen describes areas of focus in Ukraine as well as the FAO’s response to ongoing global hunger crises exacerbated by Russia’s blockade of Black Sea ports. 
Caitlin Welsh
Director, Global Food and Water Security Program
Jacob Kurtzer
Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Humanitarian Agenda