Of Russia’s Politics of Memory – Russian Roulette Episode 106

In this episode of Russian Roulette, Heather sits down with Hannah Alberts, analyst with U.S. European Command based in the United Kingdom, and Jade McGlynn, researcher and lecturer at the University of Oxford. Hannah and Jade discuss their papers, both of which focus on how Russia instrumentalizes history and culture at home as well as abroad to serve a political or military purpose. They both authored these papers as part of their executive education program.

Click here to learn more about the program: https://www.csis.org/programs/russia-and-eurasia-program/understanding-russian-military-today

You can find Hannah’s paper here: https://www.csis.org/blogs/post-soviet-post/next-generation-fighters

Jade’s: https://www.csis.org/blogs/post-soviet-post/constructing-memory-alliances

You can also follow Jade on Twitter: @jademcglynn122

We thank the Russia Strategic Initiative, U.S. European Command, for their interest and support for the project.

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