Of Workers, Protests, and Trade – Russian Roulette Episode #37

In this political economy-themed episode of Russian Roulette, Olya and Jeff sit down with Steve Crowley, an expert on labor politics in post-Communist countries, to talk about labor relations and protests in Russia. Then, they chat with Vadim Grishin, an accomplished economist and, most importantly, a recent fellow with the Russia and Eurasia Program at CSIS, about future scenarios for U.S.-Russian economic relations.
For more information on Steve and his work, you can follow these links: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/person/stephen-crowley; https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/russian-federation/2017-04-19/why-protests-keep-putin-night
Keep your eyes peeled for Vadim’s forthcoming paper on U.S.-Russia Economic Relations, to be published by the CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program.
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Jeffrey Mankoff
Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program