The AIs That Bind: It’s All about the Process

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Tech Unmanned! Lindsey Sheppard and Kaitlyn are joined by Devaki Raj, CEO and Co-founder of CrowdAI, and Kristen Sproat, Principal at BCG and Marine Corps Reservist, for a discussion on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the Department of Defense. Both Kristen and Devaki were involved in the strategic and technical beginnings of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. They cover a range of topics including the current capability of machine learning, the importance of data to a modern enterprise, and the imperative to establish flexible and interactive processes within the Department of Defense.

Devaki Raj is the CEO and Co-founder of CrowdAI, a company that enables enterprises to leverage their existing image & video data and build production-ready computer vision models. She has been named as one of Inc and Forbes' Magazine’s 30 under 30.

Kristen Sproat is a Principal with the Boston Consulting Group and a U.S. Marine Corps Reservist. During her service she co-wrote the Artificial Intelligence Annex to the National Defense Strategy and orchestrated the design, funding, and stand-up of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

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