Inside the Outpost

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On an early October morning in 2009, an overwhelming force of Taliban fighters attacked a small unit of U.S. soldiers located at Combat Outpost Keating in a remote valley in Afghanistan's Nuristan province. Drawing on source material from Jake Tapper's book, The Outpost, director Rod Lurie has brought the story of the Battle of Kamdesh -- one of the bloodiest and most heroic American engagements of the 19-year war in Afghanistan -- to the screen in a film of the same name. In this special episode of Thank You For Your Service, Jim and Alice speak with Tapper and Lurie as well as with Ty Carter (Medal of Honor recipient and film advisor), veteran Daniel Rodriguez (who fought in the battle and played himself in the movie), Stoney Portis (the last commander of Combat Outpost Keating), and Katie Kopp (the brigade psychologist who helped soldiers process and debrief the 14-hour firefight) about the battle, the movie, and mental health.

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