"The New Cold War and the Rule of Law" with Matt Pottinger

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In this episode, Navin is joined by Matt Pottinger, former deputy national security advisor. They discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, implications for China and Taiwan, and the West’s positioning in a new cold war.

Prior to working at the White House, Pottinger was a journalist and wrote for both Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. He is fluent in Mandarin and reported in China for seven years covering a variety of topics, including the SARS epidemic and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Pottinger would eventually retire from journalism to join the Marine Corps and serve as a military intelligence officer, finally being named Deputy National Security Advisor in 2019. Since 2021, Pottinger has worked for the Hoover Institution on the “China's Global Sharp Power Project" research team.
Navin Thukkaram

Navin Thukkaram

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