Corporate Officers

Dr. John J. Hamre has served as president and chief executive officer of CSIS since April 2000.

John J. Hamre
President and CEO





Corporate Officers: Administrative

  • Craig Cohen
    Executive Vice President
  • Lisa Poole
    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Administration
  • H. Andrew Schwartz
    Chief Communications Officer
  • Michelle Powers Keegan
    Chief Development Officer
  • Karen Wong
    Senior Vice President for Membership Groups and Special Events, and Corporate Secretary
  • Josiane Gabel
    Vice President for Programs, and Executive Director of the Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy
  • Ian Gottesman
    Chief Information Officer
  • Louis Lauter
    Vice President for Congressional and Government Affairs
  • Talia Dubovi
    Associate Vice President and Director of Open Dialogue Initiative

Corporate Officers: Programs

  • Jon B. Alterman
    Senior Vice President, Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair in Global Security and Geostrategy, and Director, Middle East Program
  • Heather A. Conley
    Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic; and Director, Europe Program
  • Michael J. Green
    Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair
  • Matthew P. Goodman
    Senior Vice President; William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy and Senior Adviser for Asian Economics
  • Kathleen H. Hicks
    Senior Vice President; Henry A. Kissinger Chair; Director, International Security Program
  • Sarah Ladislaw
    Senior Vice President; Director and Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program
  • James Andrew Lewis
    Senior Vice President
  • J. Stephen Morrison
    Senior Vice President and Director, Global Health Policy Center
  • Daniel F. Runde
    Senior Vice President; William A. Schreyer Chair and Director, Project on Prosperity and Development
  • Nahmyo Thomas
    Associate Vice President; Director of Executive Education and Abshire Inamori Leadership Academy
  • Frank A. Verrastro
    Senior Vice President and Trustee Fellow