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Understanding Space Security

A professional development course designed to explore the technical, budgetary, and policy issues in the U.S. national security space enterprise.


Course Dates
Not currently offered.
CSIS Headquarters,
1616 Rhode Island Avenue, NW,
Washington, D.C. 20036                                   
$3,500 USD                                          
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Offered at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Understanding Space Security is led by space security experts, including former senior military and civilian space leaders, industry practitioners, and space security scholars. Participants have the opportunity to learn and network with other professionals interested in understanding the space domain, the evolution of space policy, and the future of the U.S. national security space enterprise. Participants take part in lectures and group discussions, culminating in an international space crisis tabletop exercise.


Course Topics

The Understanding Space Security curriculum encompasses a wide range of technical, budgetary, and policy issues in the space domain. Course topics include:

  • Counterspace Weapons
  • Escalation and Deterrence in Space
  • History of U.S. Military Space Missions
  • Military Space Organization
  • New Space Actors
  • Understanding the Space Environment
  • Weaponization of Outer Space
Space Crisis Dynamics Tabletop Exercise

The third day of the Understanding Space Security course is dedicated to an immersive tabletop exercise. Participants will practice the concepts presented in the course’s seminar series by testing a range of scenarios in which conflict might begin or extend into space to understand how actions and reactions are perceived in different situations. The scenarios will change and adapt as small groups of participants make choices to protect space assets in a multi-domain environment.

After the exercise, the small groups will join a panel of space security experts for a debrief of the exercise and a discussion focusing on the unique escalation and deterrence dynamics in the space domain.


Understanding Space Security is designed for working professionals and applicants should have a demonstrated interest in international security, space policy, missile defense, or other related areas.

How to Apply

Not currently offered.



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