CSIS–USAWC International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise

For over ten years, the U.S. Army War College has partnered with universities and international relations institutions around the country to present the International Strategic Crisis Negotiations Exercise. Designed for students and young professionals involved in the study of diplomacy and international relations, the CSIS-hosted exercise is a two-day immersion in negotiation designed to allow participants to experience:

  • Regional situation analysis
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Strategic thinking
  • Leadership
  • Planning and evaluation
  • Decision making
  • Team building
  • Time management

The exercise is set several years in the future against the backdrop of a United Nations Summit called to break an actual frozen conflict that has vexed diplomats for decades. Each of the participating young professionals role-play a member of a diplomatic mission on one of seven country teams. The teams are charged by their governments with negotiating an advantageous solution to the conflict. In a fast-moving series of negotiation sessions and team meetings, teams use their national objectives and confidential instructions to develop and implement a negotiation strategy – all within the framework established by the Secretary General’s Special Representative. 

If you or your organization are interested in learning about this simulation or other simulations offered by CSIS, please contact aila@csis.org.