Africa Notes Archive

A collection of historic CSIS Africa Program publications highlighting key events and issues in African politics and U.S.-Africa relations

The CSIS Africa Program is pleased to announce the digital release of more than 200 issues of CSIS Africa Notes, the monthly program newsletter published from 1982 to 2006. The newsletter showcases contributions from a wide range of thinkers and policymakers as they explore the evolution and realignment of U.S. priorities on the continent. Major themes include U.S. and Soviet policy in Africa during the Cold War; notable political transitions, including the decline and fall of apartheid South Africa; and key socio-political, economic, and security challenges. This rich archive sheds light on key historic moments in the continent's history and allows for chronological, regional, and thematic searches. 

Notable contributors include Princeton Lyman, Chester Crocker, Herman Cohen, Johnnie Carson, Anthony Lake, Jeffrey Herbst, Greg Mills, I. William Zartman, Carol Lancaster, Terrence Lyons, Marina Ottaway, Joel Barkan, David Throup, David Shinn, Steven McDonald, Sékou Touré, Peter Lewis, Ken Menkhaus, Francis Deng, John Prendergast, Stephen Lewis, Michael Clough, Robert Rotberg, Noel Koch, M. Crawford Young, Gillian Gunn, F. W. de Klerk, and many more.