Africa Policy after President Bush

A CSIS publication, U.S. Africa Policy beyond the Bush Years, assesses the Bush administration’s Africa policies and provides recommendations to the Obama administration

In 2009, the CSIS Africa Program completed a comprehensive assessment of U.S. Africa policy during the Bush years that provides recommendations in several key areas to the Obama administration. Over the course of several months, eight expert authors held a series of working group meetings with a cross section of actors engaged on U.S. Africa policy to put forth the following chapters:

A Smarter U.S. Approach to Africa

Jennifer Cooke and J. Stephen Morrison
Podcast (mp3, 00:17:03)

Making Better Sense of U.S. Security Engagement in Africa

William M. Bellamy
Podcast (mp3, 00:09:43)

Pursuing U.S. Energy Security Interests in Africa

David Goldwyn

Advancing Democratization in Africa

Joel Barkan
Podcast (mp3, 00:11:19)

U.S. Foreign Assistance and Trade Policies in Africa

Princeton Lyman
Podcast (mp3, 00:06:34)

China's Engagement in Africa

David H. Shinn
Podcast (mp3, 00:05:00)

Diplomacy Against Conflict

Tim Carney
Podcast (mp3, 00:11:05)

Africa’s Looming Mega-Challenges

Michelle Gavin

Closing Recommendations

Chester Crocker