Photo: FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images

The Future of Venezuela Initiative (FVI)

Promoting inclusive stability, security, and prosperity in Venezuela
The Future of Venezuela Initiative (FVI) aims to shed light on the unprecedented humanitarian, economic, and political crisis in Venezuela, and its impact in the Americas. FVI leads CSIS’s work on Venezuela and serves as an independent platform to pursue policy responses for efforts to restore democratic order and prosperity in the country. The Initiative places emphasis on the role of the United States and the international community to limit the suffering of the Venezuelan people while building a comprehensive “Day After” framework to help Venezuelans with their rebuilding process.

Areas of Focus

The Initiative is focused on generating creative ideas and innovative approaches in a range of areas, including:

  • The role of technology, including blockchain and cryptocurrency, for alleviating immediate suffering and move Venezuela into the twenty-first century

  • Instability and security challenges—including the refugee and migration crises, the presence of foreign and non-state actors, and the devastation of the Amazon rainforest

  • Opportunities for mobilizing key groups, such as the Venezuelan diaspora, and pushing to return to democratic and constitutional order in Venezuela

  • Humanitarian assistance and post-conflict recovery, including rebuilding institutions and transitional justice