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A leading source of ideas defining the future of national security, analyzing geopolitical trends, and addressing key political, economic, and social challenges facing the region

The Program was established with the clear, forward-looking mission to elevate the policy discussion on the Western Hemisphere. The program aims to influence through timely, practical, and insightful analysis and policy recommendations for partners in the United States and the region.

The Americas Program focuses on six thematic priorities:

  • Regional security, particularly in Mexico, the Northern Triangle, Colombia, and the impact of the Venezuelan crisis on the region.
  • The long-term impact of China’s rise and great-power rivalry in the Americas.
  • Democratic backsliding and the rise of autocracies.
  • The resurgence of transnational criminal organizations, growing illicit economies, and the existence of criminal regimes.
  • Weak rule of law, endemic corruption, and human rights violations.
  • The emergence of significant regional powers, such as Brazil, in an increasingly multipolar world.

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Photo by ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP via Getty Images

This Time, Try Supporting Honduran Democracy

CSIS Americas senior adviser Mark L. Schneider and Aaron Schneider evaluate critiques of the Zones for Employment and Economic Development in Honduras and argue the country should move away from the zones as a potential model for economic growth.


Commentary by Mark L. Schneider and Aaron Schneider — January 26, 2023

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Mining, Climate Risks, and the Western Hemisphere

Presented by Americas Program
January 25, 2023 • 10:00 – 11:00 am EST