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A leading source of ideas defining the future of national security, analyzing geopolitical trends, and addressing key political, economic, and social challenges facing the region

The Program was established with the clear, forward-looking mission to elevate the policy discussion on the Western Hemisphere. The program aims to influence through timely, practical, and insightful analysis and policy recommendations for partners in the United States and the region.

The Americas Program focuses on six thematic priorities:

  1. The authoritarian regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba as well as democratic backsliding in other countries as a driver of regional instability.
  2. Economic development, strengthening supply chains, forging closer trade linkages between the United States and the region, and nearshoring critical industries.
  3. The long-term impact of China’s rise, the continued relevance of Russia and other extra-hemispheric powers, in a region shaped by strategic rivalry.
  4. Security, especially transnational criminal organizations and illicit economies, particularly in Mexico, the Northern Triangle, and Colombia.
  5. Governance challenges and their effects, including weak rule of law, endemic corruption, migration, inequality, and human rights violations.
  6. Civil-military relations and defense cooperation.

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Photo: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images

Photo: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP/Getty Images

Exporting Autocracy

CSIS Americas director Ryan C. Berg and Henry Ziemer analyze China's role in democratic backsliding across Latin America and the Caribbean and outline a series of recommendations for the United States to advance a democracy-first strategy in the hemisphere.

Report by Ryan C. Berg and Henry Ziemer — February 15, 2024

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