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The Australia Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies is dedicated to increasing understanding between the United States and Australia

The Australia Chair, endowed through the generosity of Pratt Industries, sharpens the focus on U.S.-Australia alliance relations and contributes innovative policy ideas to the rapidly expanding regional and global challenges that call for greater coordination and action by Canberra and Washington. The Chair works to broaden the reach and impact of the U.S.-Australia alliance and Australian ideas, influence, and capacity.

Dr. Charles Edel, a thought leader on U.S. national security and U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific and a well-recognized public policy voice in U.S.-Australia relations, serves as the inaugural Australia Chair. The Australia Chair is supported by an advisory council of former senior officials and business leaders led by James Carouso, former chargé d'affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Canberra with senior diplomatic experience across the region.

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Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

Photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

With U.S. Allies, 1 Plus 2 Equals Four

The fact historically and today is that the United States is much stronger with robust allies. The AUKUS agreement, like the 1941 Lend-Lease Act and similar agreements, will bolster overall U.S. force posture and therefore be a greater deterrent.

Commentary by James Carouso — February 16, 2024

Recent Analysis

Photo: pomogayev/Adobe Stock

Photo: pomogayev/Adobe Stock

The Compacts of Free Association, Congress, and Strategic Competition for the Pacific

The funding for the Compact of Free Association agreements is at risk of falling victim to congressional politics. This commentary lays out the strategic importance of this region to the United States and the imperative to follow through on funding for these critical agreements.

Commentary by Charles Edel and Kathryn Paik — January 31, 2024

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