Why Geostrategy

As a democracy, the US cannot strategize intelligently unless the American people are sensitive to the changing global memories of the global population and to the imperatives of global geography

Moreover, we cannot ignore the fact that while geography is basically objective though subject to forceful political alterations, historical memory is both subjective and changeable. Making matters worse, in much of today’s world historical and geographic legacies are dramatically complicated by the phenomenon of sudden mass political awakening (as in the Middle East) that is both passionate as well as full of resentful hatred.

In my view, a longer-term geostrategy must therefore be derived from a sensitive understanding as to which historic and geographic determinants are still shaping the conduct particularly of some key states (notably Europe, Russia, China, and Japan), what discontinuities are to be anticipated, and also how the foregoing could be affected by potentially very dangerous scientific breakthroughs to the benefit of some key powers.

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