CSIS welcomes new partners to get involved with the India Chair’s efforts to strengthen peer relationships between U.S. and Indian states. The initiative is highlighted by the strong participation of state governments, the private sector, research institutions, universities, foundations, and civil society organizations who continue to create an environment of collaboration to strengthen future engagement and partnerships between U.S. stakeholders and Indian states.

Engaging Indian States

Engaging Indian States is a knowledge portal which tracks significant developments in India’s states and provides context and analysis. While the focus of international engagement with India has primarily been the central government, the trajectory of India’s economic growth is dependent on the actions and vision of its state governments.

Photo: CSIS

Photo: CSIS

Benefits are multiple:

  • Enhanced access to:
    • Finance and investment opportunities
    • Advanced energy solutions and systems
    • Innovative operations and management practices
    • Holistic regulatory regime
  • Dependable network for sharing homegrown, contextually appropriate solutions.
  • Global opportunities to:
    • Collaborate on shared priorities
    • Disseminate best practices

For more Details, Contact:

  • Afeena Ashfaque
  • Adjunct Fellow (Non-resident), Chair in U.S. – India Policy Studies