Digital Roundtable Series

Advancing India's Climate Change goals through Subnational Collaboration

The project was made possible by our donor ClimateWorks and collaborator, Swaniti Initiative. It was a 6-month project from 1 November 2021 to May 2022.


The project aimed to

  • provide information on how to unlock new climate change actions at the subnational level and how subnational political leaders and policymakers would measure specific interventions against electoral realities
  • raise awareness on subnational priorities and the role subnational collaborations play in addressing local capacity barriers
  • scale-up and unlock new mitigation and resilience opportunities at the subnational level
  • identify political and technical barriers to subnational climate actions
  • accelerate the implementation of 'bundled' national development priorities to improve synergies with concurrent national development objectives and other multilateral agreements
  • identify opportunities and actions needed to increase the effectiveness of philanthropic cooperation and partnerships at the subnational level to deliver impact


  • Six virtual workshops/roundtables connecting global climate foundations and Indian state level policymakers at the political and bureaucratic levels